HanzuGame Society

Page updated 29.1.2009

What is HanzuGame Society?

HanzuGame Society is an international group of players playing together mainly PC computergames that have cooperative gamemode. HanzuGame Society name comes from the fact that in their official games the host/server is always the same player called Hanzu.
HGS activity started in 2003. Today HGS has 28 members in 10 different countries. HGS is not a clan or squadron and some HGS members are also members of different clans. HGS and NMD support each other. HGS is dedicated in any type of PC cooperative games,  and playes them with hard difficulty no-respawn style. HGS is specialized in re-living game experiences by collecting game statistics, screenshots and replays. In HGS games games are usually played fully patched but without any mods to keep difficulty level close to what is  was designed to be. When playing HGS uses TeamSpeak for communication. The official game session day on european time tuesday evening/night and occasionally on some other days too.
HGS behaviour protocol:
How to find and join HGS game server?

Contact Hanzu or someone in www.nomandown.com. Or just join Teamspeak and ask how to join. Or if there is no password, just join through ingame server browser, Xfire, GameSpy Arcade, UBI.com, ASE or Hyperlobby.
How to join HGS as a member?
What do I have to do as HGS member?
What HGS membership offers me?
Is there anything else I can do for HGS except play?