Rainbow Islands Points Items

This is a list of all the items that just give you points. A lot of the items are the same as those in the Bubble Bobble item list. There are two basic ways to get these items:

There are also some items just waiting for you to pick them up.

If you drop a rainbow on an enemy's head then he'll give you a diamond of a certain colour. These diamonds are important because you need them to get a big diamond.

All the items that you get when finishing a level are worth 500 points regardless of what they look like.


The points items appear in the following order (more or less). Most of them are the sme as the Bubble Bobble items but there are a few additions. There are some sub-series of items such as the shaved ice puddings and the flowers but they appear with the other items and don't seem to have any special significance.

points item
10 green pepper
20 aubergine
30 carrot
40 onion
50 beetroot
60 turnip
70 parsnip
80 marrow
90 pea pod
100 mushroom

light kebab

red flower
150 corn cob
200 fried egg

dark kebab

orange flower
250 red acorn thingy
300 apple

yellow flower
350 lemon
400 orange


white flower
450 peach
500 banana


2-leaf clover
550 yellow melon
600 watermelon

red apple

4-leaf clover
650 brown lolly
700 blue lolly

chocolate slab

red tulip
750 strawberry shaved ice
800 lemon shaved ice

iced bun

twisty pastry thing
850 Japanese tea (Maccha) shaved ice
900 Japanese tea and sweep-bean-paste (Ogura-Maccha) shaved ice

cupcake with green cherry

strawberry (in Amiga version this item gives 1000 points)
950 simple white ice cream cone
1000 double scoop ice cream cone



french fries
2000 creme caramel

slice of cake with strawberry


sausage on a stick
3000 cupcake with red cherry

purple martini

chicken leg

sushi (omelet on rice block)
4000 green grapes

mug of beer

sushi (raw tuna on rice block)

sushi (raw tuna on rice block)

sushi (boiled shrimp on rice block)
5000 baguette

slice of cake with green cherry

plate of flapjacks

violet jewel
6000 violet grapes

necklace with violet pendant

blue jewel (in Amiga version this item gives 5000 points)
7000 bowl of rice

necklace with blue pendant

red jewel
8000 whole fish

necklace with red pendant

red crown

red crown with cross
9000 blue crown

blue crown with cross
10000 money bag

gold crown

gold crown with cross

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