PAGE UPDATED 17.7.2010

(fits with minor changes to all Amigas that have Zorro/ISA/PCI-card slots in their case)

Modifying external automatic mouse/joystick switch to serve as internal mouse/joystick switch for Amiga mouses and joysticks.

Some PS/2 mouse adapters will not work with TS Automatic Mouse/Joystick Switcher.
Possible reason is that the switcher itself takes so much mA from +5V line that PS/2 mouse adapter IC and PS/2 mouse will be left with too low mA.

If you have anything to add to the above lists, then contact me through main page.


Open mouse/joystick case and remove PCB with a cable from the case.

Remove backplate from serial+parallel port card and add it upside down to mouse/joystick switch.

Locate CN3 on mouse/joystick switchg and desolder CN3 wires 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 away from PCB.

Cut CN3 wires 1, 2, 4 and 9 to about 20mm lenght.

Solder 5 pin header to D9M PCB connectors pins 5-9 (the whole backrow).

Bend D9M PCB connectors pin 5 slightly away from pin 6.

Solder D9M PCB connector to CN3 pins 8, 7, 6, 5 and 3 (pin 3 needs to be bend and adjusted to skip pin 4 hole).

Cut, peel and solder CN3 wires 1, 2, 4 and 9 to D9M PCB pins 7, 8, 6 and 9. (Use below table for reference).

Mouse port pin

Internal mouse port pin

Mouse/joystick switch
additional D connector pin
Mouse/joystick switch
CN3 pin
Signal names
1 8 white Mouse V-pulse
Joystick FORWARD
Paddle BUTTON 3
Lightpen n/c
2 7 blue
Mouse H-pulse
Joystick BACK
Paddle n/c
Lightpen n/c
3 6 green
Mouse VQ-pulse
Joystick LEFT
Paddle BUTTON 1
Lightpen n/c
4 5 brown
Mouse HQ-pulse
Joystick RIGHT
Paddle BUTTON 2
Lightpen n/c
5 3 yellow
Mouse BUTTON 3(Middle button)
Paddle PotX
Lightpen Penpress
Joystick n/c
6 4 orange
Mouse/Joystick BUTTON 1
Lightpen /Beamtrigger
Paddle n/c
7 1 red
+5V (50mA max) -->
8 2 black
GND ---
9 9 grey
Mouse/Joystick/Lightpen /BUTTON 2
Paddle PotY

At this point. It should look like this.

Cut-off pin 10 completely from FLAT cable with scissors so it will fit inside D9F FLAT connectors.

Insert FLAT 9 cable inside one D9F FLAT connectors in a way that another D9F FLAT will point up and the other D9F FLAT will point down.

Use screw vice or FLAT cable clamps to press and close D9F FLAT connectors. When ready it should looks something like this.

Attach internal mouse/joystick switch to Amiga case card slot and attack flat cable between MOUSE PORT and Automatic Mouse/Joystick Switch internal connector.

Add FLAT cable between Automatic Mouse/Joystick Switch and route it to MOUSE PORT and through the small gap in the case.

After everything is ready for use the Automatic Mouse/Joystick Switch should look like this.